2 thoughts on “इनसे है शहर की पहचान

  1. “Excellant place for a travellar of Kanpur”
    September 24, 2015
    Jain Glass Temple is situated behind the historic Kamla tower and may be reached only by auto riksha. It is a very intricately desingned temple with very beautiful glass inlay works. This mandir decorated with beautiul glass work ,paintings with natural colours. Most of the carvings were painted on glass.Really worth seeing madir of kanpur. In my opinion, this temple is most beautiful place of Kanpur for a traveler. You will surprise to see glass work of temple and also peaceful atmosphere.

  2. Your efforts to bring info about less known facts are really appreciable.
    I would like to draw ur attention to some more positive facts about Kanpur.
    I request u to bring a story on five ordinance factories of Kanpur and their product profile. Five ordinance factories in one city is highest in country.
    HAL TAD and its Dornier aircraft can be a proud story.
    I m a pakka Kanpuriya settled in Delhi NCR. Here I m associated with an organization named Kanpuriya samaj. I have few more ideas for stories on Kanpur.

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