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KANPUR: The industrial city had journeyed from Kanhiyapur to Kanpur in last 213 years. March 24 had its own significance in the history of the city which crawled from small military villages to one of the biggest districts of the country. The city was established on March 24, 1803. Nestled on the banks of Ganga, Kanpur stands as one of the major industrial centres of north India.good

d9012.png22654544-8f25-43ae-9bfc-697de6c7e588“Believed to be founded by king Hindu Singh Chandel of the erstwhile state of Sachendi, the present Kanpur was initially named as Kanhiyapur. In the course of time, Kanhiyapur was abbreviated as Kanhapur and journeyed a long way to get a name as Kanpur,” historian SP Singh said.

Old references also show that this name is derived from Karnapur and is associated with Karna, one of the heroes of Mahabharata. Till the 1st half of the 18th century, Kanpur continued to survive as a collection of several small military villages.

In May 1765, Shuja-ud-Daula, the Nawab Wazir of Awadh, was defeated by Britishers near Jajmau. It was probably then that strategic importance of Kanpur was realized by the Britishers, who also gave a new name to this place as Cawnpoor in 1770. After with the advancements and establishments of European businessmen, the city emerged with various names and cultures.

Kanpur came under the British Rule by the treaty of 1801 with Nawab Saadat Ali Khan of Awadh. In the meanwhile, it got a new name by Britishers as ‘Caunpour’ in 1776. This forms a turning point in the history of Kanpur.
“The first two spellings were changed to Caunpore and Cawnpour in 1785 and 1788 respectively. Cawnpore was the name given to the city by Britishers in 1788,” said another historian Vinod Tondon and descendant of Lala Thanthi Mal, one of first settlers in the city.Soon after this, Kanpur became one of the most important military stations of British India with a new name as Kawnpore in 1790. After this, the city witnessed many changes in its name, geographical area and culture. Later, Cawnpore was declared as a district on March 24,1803 at that time it was named as Khanpore. The spellings of the city was changed 11 time before Independence.
After 1857, the development of Kannpur (present Kanpur) was even more phenomenal. The city was abbreviated with Caawnpore in 1879, which after several spelling changes becomes Kanpur.


11070786_875384555856266_3912643210681677608_nकानपुर.कभी भारत का मैनचेस्टर रहा कानपुर 24 मार्च को 213 साल का हो गया। इस दौरान शहर ने लंबी यात्रा तय की है। जन्‍मदि‍न के अवसर पर ज़िला प्रशासन ने वि‍भि‍न्‍न कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन कि‍या। 
24 मार्च 1803 को ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनी ने इसे ज़िला घोषित किया था। गंगा नदी के किनारे बसे कानपुर की पहचान प्रसि‍द्ध औद्योगि‍क नगरी के रूप में रही है। यहां लाल इमली, म्योर मिल, एल्गिन मिल, कानपुर कॉटन मिल और अथर्टन मिल जैसी कई विश्व प्रसिद्ध कपड़ा मिलें खुलीं। इस वजह से कानपुर को भारत का मैनचेस्टर कहा जाने लगा। 
बाद में कुछ कारणों से एक-एक कर मिलें बंद हो गईं और कानपुर की जगह अहमदाबाद भारत का मैनचेस्टर बन गया।आज भी कानपुर में बने चमड़े के सामान पूरी दुनि‍या में प्रसिद्ध हैं। 1857 ई. के गदर में कानपुर का विशेष महत्व रहा है। अब औद्योगि‍क गि‍रावट की दौर से गुज़र रहे कानपुर का वि‍कास रुक सा गया है।